Olfactoterical education

Dizainas be pavadinimo (94)

Olfactotherapy is a purposeful part of aromatherapy that balances a person’s emotions through scents, revealing his highest potential, strengths and talents.

Olfactotherapy uses the highest quality essential oils of purposefully selected plants, which activate the centers in the brain through the sense of smell and release the accumulated negative emotions, restore and strengthen internal human resources.

Olfactotherapy is a simple but very powerful tool. The benefits of essential oils are huge not only because of the pleasant scents, but also because of the messages they carry to man. The scents of essential oils encourage people to know themselves better, to grow, to improve, to relax, to be liberated, to gain courage, confidence and self-belief.

Dizainas be pavadinimo (93)

How does this educational program benefit the organization?

The olfactory educational program provides each employee of the organization with knowledge and tools that help employees learn to relax, reduce stress-related damage to health and work efficiency, become more positive, find and strengthen their strengths, which helps to increase productivity and create greater added value for the organization.

The benefits of quality essential oils are transmitted externally through the sense of smell. Carefully and individually selected scents affect certain brain centers that are responsible for improving emotional state. Being in a good emotional state improves the productivity of employees.

The olfactory educational program and the benefits of essential oils help the organization to achieve the following tasks:

  • Increasing the productivity of employees, the efficiency of work functions performed;
  • Increases employee motivation and involvement in achieving the organization’s goals;
  • Creating a better climate for communication between employees;
  • Improves internal and external communication both in teams and with clients.

How does the educational program work?

The training takes place in 3 stages in small groups. Meetings are held 3 times every 21 days and last for 3 hours. Such fragmentation of training ensures greater involvement of the organization’s employees and helps to focus on achieving the most useful and best results for him/her and the organization during the training, disclosure of internal resources and their use.

During the meetings, each participant receives individually selected essential oils that stimulate him and help reveal the best version of him/herself. In this way, productivity is increased and stress levels are reduced.

  • Program duration: 63 days
  • Number of participants in the group: 8-15 people
  • Number of meetings with the olfactory therapy mentor: 3 meetings
  • Duration of the meeting with the olfactory therapy mentor: 3 hours during each meeting
  • Tools, work tools: Each participant is given an adapted essential oil during the meetings, which is enough for 21 days (until the next meeting).
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