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Network Marketing (NM) is a business model that has been around the world for many decades. Network marketing as a strategy for business creation and development was created and developed in USA. In other countries, entrepreneurs quickly understood the principles of this strategy as well as benefits and began to apply NM in their activities. According to statistics, the worldwide sales of the NM business model reach billions in turnover. This industry is gaining more and more interest every year and is growing rapidly as it gives people the opportunity to earn and live a better life. People can have more free time, they are not stuck in the standard workday schedule set by others, not limited to one place of residence – you can change it boldly and be where you want to be. Network marketing business developers make their dreams come true when they help many people to achieve their own goals. The result of successful activities is a large, stable network of customers and partners using quality products. It is an extremely human form of business focused on teamwork, reunion and reunion, when everyone moves together and pursues beautiful goals.

The network marketing business is evolving like everything in the world. Work patterns are changing, bringing more professionalism and elegance to the consumer network.

Network marketing has undeservedly taken on a negative connotation, as it is in its name and at first sight that the organizers of illegal financial pyramids obscure the operating principles inherent in network marketing. The scams are coming to light and such “businesses” are disappearing from the market, but the frustration of the victims is doing a lot of damage. When we decide to build an honest business based on the principles of network marketing, we face people with negative experiences and attitudes about NM. A lot of effort has to be put into unlocking the inexhaustible potential of legal marketing in network marketing.

The advantages of your own business – freedom, complete devotion to yourself, to the realization of your goals, acceptable and convenient planning of work and leisure time, realization of your true potential, because you take responsibility for yourself, your decisions and find meaning in it.

The essence of the network marketing business model is to create a stable network of consumers, thanks to which high-quality certain products are sold. The benefits of a network marketing business are the opportunity to purchase high-quality products at an attractive price and to create opportunities for developing your own business.

Networking is attractive because:

  • It’s a business without big investment.

By consuming quality products yourself, you invest not only in your well-being, but also in your business. By changing your shopping habits and location, you build your consumer network. Spending a part of your budget in your online business store gives you the opportunity to build your own business. No other financial investment is required in this business. By devoting some of your time, you can create a serious business mechanism. When starting an online business, you will need to take the time to build a sustainable network of users, building good personal relationships you have built over the years with other people.

  • You only need to share what you like.

You don’t need to sell anything. It’s a referral business because you only recommend certain products and a business opportunity to others. You could say it happens the same way we share recommendations for a good movie or food with friends. We don’t sell movie tickets to our friends, do we? Win-win business model.

Over a lifetime, people recommend each other to try goods and services for more than € 600,000 for these recommendations without receiving any reward. The only reward is good emotions. In the network marketing business, when you recommend to others what you like, you get praise from the manufacturer of the goods for a job well done. Everyone is happy: your friends, you and the producer.

  • Good business school.

You are provided with excellent learning conditions from successful people. Mentoring is an integral part of this business. You can freely improve your entrepreneurial, public speaking, communication and team building skills.

Network Marketing Business Training (Young Living)

A network marketing (NM) actively developing business can generate a stable annual income of 20-30 thousand euros for you in 1-2 years. Earning an average of a few thousand a month is just the beginning of all this business can offer! Good workmanship from the very beginning of the business and basically laying a solid foundation after 1 year allows you to increase your income by 1-2 thousand euros every year.

With the entry of a business, less and less time can be spent on business development and support. For your business, a minimum of your support is enough. You can rest – it does not mean that your income will start to decline. Revenue is just rising.

After working honestly and consistently for 3-5 years, you can afford at least 6 months of regular leave, and you can take care of your business remotely. It provides opportunities to travel around the world and enjoy a balanced life.

Key business development tools:

  • Customer service
  • Logistics
  • Virtual offices
  • Product education
  • Business training platforms
  • Live events, conferences
  • Trips to plantations, farms.

Tools are available for people from all over the world, as well as the information, which available in more than ten of the most popular languages.

Owning a business is a great opportunity for those people who are looking to increase their income no matter how much time they spend working. Entrepreneurship is a tool that creates conditions for development, unleashing creativity, increasing financial knowledge and capacity, full self-realization, and a stable sense of happiness in life because you are the master of your own life.

It is very important in this business, especially when expanding the international network, to choose the right mentors, sponsors and to be in the right team. What do eligible sponsors mean? Sponsors are the people with whom you will need to spend enough time building your business. In a classic business or family, such people are called partners. Would you like to be good and reliable? Choose people from whom you can learn a lot, whose values ​​coincide with or complement your values, who will take care of the growth of your team, support, develop leaders, help to improve, provide knowledge.

During the first 3 years I achieved one of the highest business qualifications in Lithuania. My business has a network of over 3,500 members. 60-80% of network members are loyal and buy products they need every month.

In the online business, I have come a long and successful way, gained a lot of valuable experience, achieved financial independence, so I feel free to help you.

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A personal offer for the success of your online business:

  1. Automated business development training platforms;
  2. Systematized material for product familiarization;
  3. Individual mentoring and assistance for smooth work in business development;
  4. Assistance in organizing educational events for product presentation: “Aroma evenings”, “Aroma dresses / tailcoat workshops”, massage trainings, olfactotherapy sessions in companies, aroma psychology tests;
  5. Systematic entrepreneurship training in like-minded groups: live / online in Lithuania and throughout Europe;
  6. Assistance in creating and strengthening the image and reputation in this business. Assistance in creating independent, effective business teams. Mentoring develops leaders who purposefully seek reliable, valuable contacts, expanding business in foreign markets.
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