Network Marketing

Larisa Šoltyš (Ryga, Latvija)
Aromatesting, partner in aroma business by Young Living

Dear Jolanta!

From the very first days of our acquaintance you have been a wonderful example to me, a true leader for team building and for communication between its members. I remember the times when I became part of the Young Living company and had no idea what prospects I had for further development, and you were there, sharing tips, knowledge, encouraging me not to give up and move forward. You are the leader from the capital letter! Through you I became interested in essential oils, aromatherapy, I got a new profession that inspires me. However, you did not only help me with the company – you helped me deal with my inner fears and self-confidence. I am happy to be friends with you!

Network Marketing

Asta Stankūnaitė (Vilnius, Lietuva)
Aroma psychology, aromatherapy lecturer, aroma activity developer, actress, public speaking lecturer, voice trainer

Jolanta is a true network marketing professional, able to build a successful team, provide support, see trends, generate and implement ideas. Knits easily and maintains contact, works consistently and systematically.

Jolanta is constantly improving, investing time in professional growth and immediately implementing the knowledge gained as well as growing her team members.

Jolanta is an insightful mentor, has a lot of knowledge and experience, clearly knows her goals and is able to help refine them for team members. She is an example of true inspiring leadership, taking on a leadership position with full responsibility and fostering leadership in her team members. She consistently grows the team, giving her full support with knowledge, training, ideas, and sincere support.

Network Marketing

Anira Wojan (Varšuva, Lenkija)
Young Living aroma business partner

Welcome to the space of joy! – That is what I am answering when I am asked why I have decided to close all professional projects and devote my time only to essential oils and their dissemination. Essential oils are the joy of receiving the gift of Nature in its purest form and the joy of sharing this gift with others. Nothing in my life equates to a greater gift than the health experience I received thanks to Jolanta Puzienė. Today Jolanta is my Teacher and Girl friend. In 2017 our meeting in Lithuania was unexpected, although, as you may know, there are no coincidences. I learned from Jolanta that reality exists, even though it sounds like a fairy tale. At first it was hard for me to believe that. Very soon fate itself allowed me to see the effects of Young Living oils. In my meetings I always repeat: “God came up with the oil, but Young Living has the best.” Since 2019 I have been the Silver Living Leader (Silver Qualification) in Poland. With my long-term business experience and working with Jolanta, I have unveiled the most important secrets to the success of essential oil network marketing:

  • Respect everyone;
  • Think favorably about everyone;
  • Speak favorably about everyone;
  • Talk with everyone with language of love;
  • Compassion in disaster;
  • Always act for the good of others;
  • Work honestly;
  • Don’t keep your heart pounding;
  • Open the heart to the poor and sick;
  • Thank God for every day.

Network Marketing

Lilija Stepanova (Minskas, Baltarusija)
Partner in aroma business by Young Living

For me meeting with Jolanta was a real gift from destiny.

Our friendship has allowed me to see what I have been striving for in recent years: how to develop a business in my favorite field in a subtle, feminine, but at the same time active, efficient and clear way.


Jolanta is talented and generous! Her support and help helped me build a team, to master all the subtleties of aroma business development. This is the person you turn to for help and get incomparably more than you asked to feel an influx of strength, enthusiasm and renewal after talking.

Network Marketing

With love, Jelena Zlenko (Kijevas, Ukraina)
Psychotherapist, partner in aroma business by Young Living

There are friends like food – you need them every day.

There are friends as a medicine – you look for them when you feel bad.

There are friends like a disease – they are looking for you by themselves.

But there are friends like a weather – they are not visible, but they are always with you…


After meeting Jolanta Puziene, I realized that she, as my business partner, can play a variety of roles, but she will always provide support, point the right path and do it very elegantly, which she does the best. Easy but very confident at the same time. Woman-charm, woman-style, woman-mentor, woman-lady, “everything I value and admire, in one,” as any woman who knows the true value of an honorable relationship would express.

Network Marketing

Maja Briu (Maskva, Rusija)
parapsychologist, karma doctor, transformation coach, coach, aromatherapist, art therapist

I met Jolanta 5 years ago (2015) as one of the most charismatic leaders in Young Living. I was  involved in online business for the first time, and in the past, certain things have bothered me and pushed me away from participating in MLM business. However interesting fact is that thanks to Jolanta, her support, her ability to treat her partners with extreme care and wisdom, her skills, tactics and tact, her multifaceted approach to business, her rich Soul, did and do unreal things both before and during quarantine! Yes, exactly! Probably, simple models based solely on making money in any way no longer work in business, times have changed. Today, the most relevant approach is from the position from the Spirit, based on a teamwork, is the focus on each, least noticeable member of their structure. Only a unified mechanism, teamwork, respect, motivation and an individually tailored approach – this is Jolanta’s unique style. I am sure that even in the least noticeable partnership, Jolanta will see a pure high quality diamond and grind it as much as we allow ourselves. I marvel at her incredible ability to work wonders in the company, to inspire people and to give a person exactly the support s/he needs at this particular stage of life. A true Leader with a big open heart, able to reconcile the spiritual world with the material, unleash the potential of partners and help achieve success, make money easily, wisely and enjoy it! I’m glad we’re familiar, working in a team and making friends! Thank you for who you are!

Network Marketing

Oksana Apanavičienė (Vilnius, Lietuva)
Aroma business developer with Young Living

I am Oksana Apanavičienė I am graduate in social sciences and ahve experience in sales.

When I made the decision to work with Young Living, Jolanta Puzienė was my teacher-mentor.

When I started working I realized I couldn’t learn anything and I had to start learning from the basics.

From the answer to why I chose Young Living and how to teach others.

I liked Jolanta Puzienė as a mentor because she knew how to convey information in an attractive and understandable language.

In the process, I felt that having great patience and her sincerity and faith in me gave me infinite strength to move forward.

I heard her as a personality.

Apparently because she taught by example and this continues to this day.

I see her as a professional mentor who is able to delve into my expectations and inspire me to achieve great results.

With her help, I am led where I need to be.

Network Marketing

Dalia Valaitienė (Kaunas, Lietuva)
Independent distributor for Young Living

In 2015 I experienced a miracle – I discovered essential oils. When I learned about Young Living essential oils I was pleasantly surprised to discover not only amazing products but also a community where I met a lot of great people. Deep down I feel like this is just the beginning of an amazing journey. I was especially lucky to meet Jolantas Puzienė. Having her as a mentor, leader, Jolanta is a great gift because she can always be trusted, her word is strong, trustworthy, inspiring and supportive. Jolanta is an amazing leader. It gives me a great example of how to fully develop customer-partner relationships. She is not only an expert in personal conversations, but is also able to perfectly manage the group’s attention and inspire everyone to pursue their dreams. From simple telephone consultations to online or live events, Jolanta leads us by setting a great example of self-belief. Having Jolanta as your leader is a great gift because you can always trust her with confidence, her word is strong, trustworthy,  inspiring and supportive. Thanks for being able to grow together. Thank you for inspiring with your amazing leadership, your simplicity and friendship, alongside great professional skills, a vision you share with everyone who travels this path together. Thanks to you people become happier and more successful. Joy when you are in an activity where you help others, you help yourself too! Most importantly, thanks to your participation, hundreds of people are pursuing their dreams! An integral part of the success of your business, it is an effective way to express uniqueness, a unique worldview and to gather like-minded people around you. I am glad to be around you. Business does not necessarily mean constant competition, stress or struggle. It can be positively strung together to build a good relationship. You are the benchmark for elegance for us, you are very active: three children, three businesses and you are still learning, you are a real example of how to combine everything and that it is possible! I wish you creative success and sincere sharing of yourself. Let your good example be contagious. I am glad to be able to learn from such a great leader: responsible, determined, understanding, objective, confident, motivated, open. You are an example to everyone!

Thank you for your leadership, partnership, friendship!


Asta Petraitienė

I know Jolanta from the lectures of the Academy of Opportunities course, where she introduced other lecturers.

And after a day of work gathered students were revived by being given to try practically some of the essential oils.

Later, I had to try the Olfactotherapy sessions led by Jolanta.

It was very interesting to delve into the psychological inner nuances with the help of the smell of essential oils, to ask questions and find answers. I am extremely admired by this way of self-knowledge and how subtly and imperceptibly Jolanta knows how to introduce each essential oil and its individual effects.



Viktorija Novojatlova Jakštė
Business system management consultant-analyst

Thank you to Fate and the Universe for making our ways to cross and meet you, Jolanta.

To meet such a harmonious, conscious person in life is a real gift.

Talking to Jolanta – puts you in the right circles and olfactotherapy meetings helps to reveal the most complex aspects of personal life and makes them quite simple.

After the olfactotherapy meetings, in just two months, completely different opportunities opened up, old dreams began to come true, confidence developed, my thoughts freed, and self-belief strengthened.

I could repeat 100 times, thank you for liberation, inspiration and regaining self-belief!



Algimantė Griciūtė (Vilnius, Lietuva)
Communication and image creator

I was very much looking forward to the ophthalmotherapy appointments.

Because it was a new, never-yet-tried way to look into your inside through smells.

Meetings surprised me with the depth of the process, which I immersed in very quickly because Jolanta is able to create a safe and sensitive atmosphere.

During ophthalmotherapy meetings, some miracles took place, strongly related to the intentions I came up with.

Not because fragrance therapy works wonders on its own, but because after sessions, behavior changes and blocking habits change quite quickly if it is handled sincerely.

I felt that scents were a wonderful tool to check my boundaries, to expand them, to immerse oneself in understanding the essence of the memories or to tame something new that would last a long time.

I feel great gratitude for loving Jasmine.

Now that’s one of the ingredients in my perfume!

I thank Jolanta for the opportunity to touch the delicate and deep world of scents …


Vilma Sirvydienė
SMART FOOD Living founder Balanced Nutrition Practitioner and Mentor

Until I met Jolanta, I only knew I am annoyed by smells.

I didn’t like real flowers at home, I never used incense or scented candles. I’m not one of those easy to dive into new products and always look suspiciously at sales consultants, especially in network marketing businesses.

I am glad that my journey in aromatherapy started with Jolanta. Her professionalism, human warmth tamed me.

Self-knowledge with olfactotherapy has strongly affected me.

The influence of live scents – essential oils – opened the next page of my life, allowed me to look boldly at my past, acknowledge my inner child and nurture the present Woman, to mature inner harmony.

This has led me to take an even deeper interest in this field both personally and professionally.

Thank you, Jolanta, for coming into my life and revealing the science of scents and their magic.



Daiva Laugalienė
UAB Pagautė partner, accounting and tax consultant

With Jolanta, fate brought me together emotionally at a very difficult time, when the sadness of loss had taken away all the joy from my life.

Nature has inexhaustible power and is a great doctor of the human body and soul. I knew that even from my parents, who were very interested and appreciated the benefits of plants.

Our house has always smelled with various herbal aromas: in summer when they were drying, and in winter – while drinking fragrant tea. Maybe that’s why I am not annoyed by any of the smells of essential oils, on the contrary, smelling them feels like I am moving to the childhood, I feel secure, cared and loved.

Therefore, I am extremely grateful to Jolanta for her knowledge of the world of Young Living essential oils and their application in my family’s daily life and work environment.


Harmony of Calligraphy

Jolanta how nice it was to meet you and your aromatherapy activities developed with great love, peace, sincerity, professionalism, perseverance and trust!

By watching you share yourself on various social networks, I am becoming more and more familiar with you and this pleasantly fragrant area, how much benefit it brings to a person, how much useful information you provide, various tips based on your personal experience and accumulated knowledge.

And I am especially fascinated by your warmth, that pleasant feeling that is inseparable.

Academy of Opportunities

Neringa Kaminskienė
Founder of the educational studio "Pieva" Educational Assistance Specialist

I first met Jolanta in the online training of the Academy of Opportunities.

The way she presented (with great enthusiasm) the program, their value, immediately “hooked” me and I realized it was worth starting. After seeing Jolanta’s presentation about the aromatherapy business and other reports, it became clear that this is a very interesting person with a lot of knowledge and experience not only in the field of aromatherapy, business, but also in consulting, communication and support for women.

For half a year Jolanta was around until I completed the training course.

It is very good to feel and to know that there is a person who will always support, strengthen, take an interest in how to succeed, advise.

The training ended a long time ago, but I still feel Jolanta’s moral support and concern. I am grateful for that.

I admire Jolanta because she is a person who is able to make a positive impact even from a distance.

Academy of Opportunities

Daiva Labunskienė
VšĮ Teniso stilius founder and leader

I met Jolanta thanks to the Academy of Opportunities. I saw by the  accident topics for the Academy of Opportunities course for women and I wanted to try it by myself.

Throughout the course, Jolanta was fascinated by her professionalism, coordinated with the femininity and positive energy radiating from it.

Jolanta showed by her example that nothing is impossible, you just need to put some effort. The enthusiasm emanating from Jolanta encourages action, raises motivation and determination. Jolanta, being an expert in her field, has endless tips and is happy to share her experiences.


Academy of Opportunities

Elena Danilova

I met Jolanta during a course at the Academy of Opportunities. It was one of the most exciting acquaintances of that period.

Jolanta is a smart, interesting, active, charismatic personality.

Jolanta has a talent for bringing people together for a common goal and work.

The Academy of Opportunities helped me set personal priorities “in places” and rediscover the profession of cosmetologist, and Jolanta introduced essential oils as well as provided knowledge about the world of aromatherapy.

Academy of Opportunities / Opportunity Club

Vilma Urbutė
Real Estate broker, President of Opportunity Clubs for Women

When I think of Jolanta, first words that come into my mind are leadership, support and love for the environment.

I met Jolanta at the Academy of Opportunities and I was fascinated at the time by the fact that she speaks by using her real experience and stories.

Later while creating Opportunity Clubs for Women, I got to know Jolanta as a business partner – a real leader who inspires as a motivator, a very strong, responsible and disciplined personality who never looks back and is always a step ahead.

It is a woman who is constantly improving and encourages other women not to get lost in the labyrinths of life and everyday life.

For me, Jolanta is one of those women I sincerely admire.

I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to grow and create a variety of projects with her!

Having such a business partner is a gift from God to me.

Opportunity Club

Raimonda Sonienė

Working with a mentor contributed to my personal growth and provided additional motivation for further work: I began not to be afraid to dream, I accept challenges more boldly, I realize the power of planning, strategy, goal setting, I believed in the possibilities of contact making.

Jolanta Puziene, thank you for your timely success story and experience, which you so openly share and inspire others.

Good to learn from the best!

Opportunity Club

Olga Kairienė
Personal brand consultant - educator

I met Jolanta during the development of the Academy of Opportunities online training course.

I should admit I was mostly impressed by Jolanta’s entrepreneurship, lightness, focus and activity.

After getting a closer look at networking at the Opportunity Club, I became convinced that Jolanta is an inspirer of a partnership that sincerely shares personal insights and brings together people who can benefit each other.

When interacting with a person, Jolanta always thinks about who to introduce her to in order for a fruitful partnership to help personalities and businesses grow.

Thank you, Jolanta, thanks to you I have enriched my social capital and I believe I have further strengthened my reputation.

By sharing you allow others to grow – I really appreciate that.

Opportunity Club

Jūratė Tuzinaitė
INVL Asset Managment Intermediary Network Development Manager, co-owner of MB Colifa

I believe that nothing happens without a reason, life periodically gives us opportunities.

I saw Jolantas Puzienė for the first time at one of the events she organized “Woman – Happy Entrepreneur”, I was impressed, but I didn’t take the opportunity – you know, excuses: not now, maybe not for me …

However, when I met Jolanta again at the Women’s Opportunities Club, I did not hesitate to accept the proposal for joint projects and I am very happy about that.

Jolanta is a great example of how a gentle and feminine woman can strategically lead, inspire determination, encourage.

I am grateful to Jolanta for her trust and a bunch of targeted recommendations for my business.

Opportunity Club

Diana Michailova
Personal finance management expert, lecturer

I met Jolanta at the point in my life when I was looking for myself again: a friend sent me an offer to go to the Academy of Opportunity training, where I first saw Jolanta. I was impressed by her presentation and became an online academy course student!

After a while Opportunity Academy meeting took place, where I received an invitation to come to the Opportunity Club event!

From the first minute of Jolanta’s presentation, I realized this was the place I wanted to be!

I was looking forward to be accepted at the club.

The biggest birthday present became the news that I had become a member of the club and when I was asked who I would like to be my mentor – I said right away – only Jolanta!

Every meeting and conversation with her, as my mentor, put all dots on the “i” because she can dispel all anxiety and increase motivation with one sentence.

Her experience and advice to me from the very beginning was a real treasure of wisdom!

Looking back, to my first steps in networking, I can’t imagine myself without Jolanta next to me!

Opportunity Club

Lina Nikitinaitė
Dėkingumo ir Sėkmės knygų žurnalų autorė, tekstų kūrėja

Jolantėlė is a woman, Lady, mother, friend, colluege, business woman, whom Universe connected me with 

I adore her strength by watching, because in a beautiful soul of her’s you can find it a lot 

I know that everytime we meet, I will be met with feminity and grace, every time we speak I will be heard and understood; while working together I will be listened to and what ever she promised will be delivered in the best way possible.

It is my pleasure working with and at the same time getting to know You 

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