Jolanta Puzienė

Dizainas be pavadinimo (98)

Who am I?

I am not only a person of change, but also a person of opportunities, a mentor. Having 11 years of successful professional experience in the field of public procurement and EU projects and raising three children, I was looking for greater opportunities for self-realization and meaning. I wanted to live a quality life and at the same time give it a deeper meaning. Relying on my inner intuition, in 2014 I immersed myself in the aromatherapy network marketing business. As a reliable partner for this self-realization, I chose the company Young Living, which has been widely known in the world for many years, while in Lithuania – a novelty that is still warming our feet. These challenges were enticing, but at the same time frightening. The fundamental question is, will I succeed? Still, curiosity pushed me forward.

With the advent of essential oils in my life, things started to change very quickly. The essence of plants and the power of nature helped my talents to spread faster. My network marketing business teams started to grow not only in Lithuania, but also in other countries. As this business gained momentum, I merged business partnerships with several like-minded people and established the “Academy of Opportunities” and later the “Opportunity Club for Women” to promote women’s entrepreneurship. It all happened with organic devotion to inspiration, meeting the right people, constantly improving and engaging in self-development.

During the whole period of business development – a lot has been done. The most important indicator that shows the success and results of all the work I have done is the happiness and improvement of other people. My greatest gift is to see and feel inspiration in the eyes of others, even if those people don’t know me.

How can I help you?

My mission is counseling and mentoring. I have a lot of knowledge and mentoring experience, so the biggest added value I create is to help others grow. I will introduce how to build your authority by spreading awareness to form teams in local communities. By working in teams and being in close partnership, we can do much more and give ourselves and others, but that requires effort, dedication and confidence. I spend a lot of time creating systemic models and networks, I have know-how on how to apply it in various parts of Lithuania or even in foreign countries.

My passion and vision is to work in partnership, so I want to work, consult, train responsible people who are looking for new ideas, appreciate the importance of good contacts and want to bring down the mountains as a result. I myself am always looking for win-win mechanisms for partnership. Network marketing is a relatively new field, there is no training or a lot of quality spaces and communities. As a practitioner, I will share my experiences and success stories of others, so I invite you – just take it and do it!

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