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Health is everything and without health, everything is nothing

Aromatherapy is a field of alternative medicine that helps maintain good health and preserve youth and vitality for as long as possible. Aromatherapy has been known and effectively used in human life for almost 5000 years. Over the years, several fields of aromatherapy have been developed, based on them – several training systems and schools were built. Schools are different, but the goal is to pass on knowledge about essential oils and to teach how to live healthy and quality life.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in many areas of life, but health is one of the key. Essential oils help strengthen physical body, maintain good emotional state, reduce the damaging effects of stress and is an amazing preventive measure against all viruses, bacteria and fungi. The choice of essential oils is very large. Plants give us the opportunity to use over 200-300 different fragrant essences and their compositions.



Aromatherapy is a way of preserving and strengthening a person’s physical and emotional health, the main tools of which is essential oils. Quality essential oils play an important role because they are “smart” droplets that know how to help a person.

One of the least 10 beneficial properties of each plant’s essential oil is adaptogenic. What does this mean? The essential oil is able to adapt to the health needs of the human body. The active substances of essential oils, which enter the human body, themselves find places in it that need help, eliminate the causes of existing ailments or prevent health, even before the ailments occur. Essential oil is a means of eliminating causes, not suppressing consequences.

There are many uses for essential oils. Essential oil can heal, keep your household clean by eliminating the use of chemical cleaners, as well as serve to improve your mood by creating a combination of your favorite perfumes. Such versatility helps to conserve nature, reduce pollution, be healthier and happier. By creating a sustainable life, we become an inspiring example for others.

Safe and effective aromatherapy is possible only if the highest quality essential oils are used. For this reason, I chose Young Living essential oils. The quality standards and procedures developed by Young Living to ensure that only the best comes to me and my family. Seed to seal is the exclusive guarantee of Young Living quality.

Discover the abundance of Young Living essential oils

Above all, aromatherapy emerged in my life as a response to the search for peace. I wanted to be calm and keep calm when plans fall or children get sick. I wanted me and my family to be healthy. I got lucky. After discovering aromatherapy with Young Living essential oils, I gave up chemicals and antibiotics that bothered inhalations when my children were sick. It was important for me to visit doctors at the clinic as often as possible with the children. I wanted to live in such a way that there was not the slightest cause of the disease.

The use of essential oils to regulate emotional balance has made a huge inner difference to me personally as a personality. I began to look at the world more broadly, to feel more secure, to believe in myself and to be more confident in myself and the Creator. I began to listen to my heart and to be guided by my intuition, which never deceived me. Aromatherapy is a tool for relationship with yourself and others. At high speed, I ascended to a whole different level of quality of life.

Young Living Company was established in 1994. This is a family business. The founders of the company are Gary and Mary Young. Over 600 products have been developed throughout the company’s lifetime to date. These are essential oils and other products based on them. The company operates in more than 100 countries. In 2018, Young Living’s turnover was over € 2 billion. For a long time, Young Living ranks in the top 10 among the best network marketing companies.

Young Living Company established a charity in 2009. The fund supports over 200,000 children and women living in areas in need of special attention and support.

The company manages its own farm plans from Oman to Ecuador to ensure the highest quality essential oils from seed placement to screwing on the bottle stopper.

Young Living all essential oils meet the highest quality standards. Some essential oils are classified as food supplements, and over 60 essential oils are approved as food supplements by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

Young Living’s range of essential oils includes over 200 essential oil products. Two-thirds of the range of essential oils consists from one plant, and the rest, about a third of the entire range, are mixtures of essential oils, the use of which is more efficient and convenient. The blend of essential oils is much stronger because the essential oil of one plant enhances the effects of another. Also, people don’t need to buy many different essential oils for one plant. This saves the family’s financial resources.

Out of all the plethora of essential oils, the company has created kits that are useful in all walks of life and consist of a set of 12 essential oils along with an evaporator.

Comania’s production based on essential oils includes the following categories:

  1. Ethereal oils
  2. Food supplements with essential oils
  3. Gooseberry berries and their juice (Ningxia region)
  4. A healthy diet
  5. Enzymes
  6. Hygiene
  7. Household appliances
  8. Cosmetics for facial skin care
  9. Decorative cosmetics
  10. Baby skin care products
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